Clash of the Titans I Hardly Knew Ye

Well, last night was the final Clash of the Titans at the Big Easy of “the Season.”  What this means exactly, I’m none too sure.  Will Season 3 start up in February?  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  What I am sure of, is it will start up again, to quench this town’s unquenchable thirst for hearing more popular music performed by our local axe-slingers and wailers.

Portland loves cover music.  It’s what draws.  So you can’t blame the musicians for wanting to perform the shows, and you can’t blame the club for hosting.  (Or can you?) Here at the Portland Point, we like to Point fingers (pun intended and a fundamental element of this blog’s foundation) and so let’s have a go at it.

My first instinct is to blame you the people. You. It’s your fault. Why don’t you support local music? Get out there, see it, live it, breath it.  Make it so our local clubs will WANT to book local music because it too will draw crowds. But wait – why do people not want to come see local shows? Is that really their fault?  If you dine at a diner and your don’t enjoy your late night egg scramble and under cooked hot italian sausage, is that your own fault, or the restaurant’s?  I would argue “the restaurant’s.”  So if our local music listeners don’t come out to see a show – is that their fault or is it the musicians’ fault?  Clearly, using the same logic, it’s the musicians’.

Make music people want to see.  Plain and simple.  If your music sucks, make your show something worth seeing.  And for the love of God or Goddette or whatever we say to be politically correct, don’t perform twice a month!  or Thrice a month.  I mean, which hooker are you going to hook – the tired and boring one who’s on the corner of Cumberland and State every night or the Emperor’s Club’s “Kristen” who’s just passing through town, one night only, get ‘er while she’s hot?  Sign me up for the latter (but don’t tap my phone, please).

Cover music and events like Clash of the Titans CAN be a part of a vibrant music scene.  It’s fun, and there’s no denying.  But when it is the grounding element of the scene, then that’s a scene that needs a makeover stat, or at very least a major face transplant.  So when I said earlier that you can’t blame the local musicians, I take that right back.  That’s whom I’m blaming.

In summary, my advice to you local musicians:

1. If no one is at your show, it’s your fault

2. Make better music / make better shows

3. Pick and choose when and where to perform – don’t always just say “yes, we’ll play”

4.  Too much Cover music, and the scene will be incurably crippled.  Think about it.

5. And as always: PROMOTE the damn thing so we know about it!

All this aside, I can’t wait for Season 3 of the Clash of the Titans so I can once again “support local music(ians)” without actually having to hear anything unfamiliar or new!

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  1. great article. I fthe best thing we have to do is see some shitty cover bands at a shitty basement club then things suck. WTF portland? It is kinda funny cause the scene is a little pretentious and sensitive to critique. whatever

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