Empire D&D Website Revisited

Last August 22, we had some fun with screen shots of the Empire’s lousy website.  Gotta say, the Empire has responded to our biting commentary (of course we take full credit!) with not just an update, but a complete web overhaul.

Without any splash screen, you are immediately informed of upcoming shows at the club.  Don’t even have to wade through the week preceding’s shows!  There’s forums, and videos, and probably most uniquely, a way to make your own personal page or group.  It’s now almost like its own Facebook for Portland’s musicians.  It is a feature that seems to be painfully under-utilized – perhaps Facebook, on top of MySpace, and actual websites – is enough effort to maintain, but we stamp a fat A for effort on this new site’s forward thinking.  What better way to feel connected to a local club than to have your own identity for all to see?  There’s even google ads targeted at exactly what we want: we just got a new DVD about sexy dance moves that will surely make its way quickly around the Portland Point office!

The framework for a vibrant plugged-in community is there, perhaps the folks at the Empire could let its patrons know about their cool little site.  Put some flyers out on the bar: Have you created your own Empire profile yet?  No?  Why the hell not? Get the hell out you scalliwag!

We’d suggest they get their marketing department to come up with a zingier slogan, but a little in-house ad campaign to promote the site can’t hurt.  Even better, take a page from twitter’s book and let people link their Facebook to their Empire profile!  Well, that could be taking it too far.

Kudos to Empire for plowing onward into the 21st century and exploiting the internet’s unique ability to attempt something new.


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  1. the asylum is closing in august. the empire website isnt half bad. Maybe port city will finally get a real web site

  2. How do you know that?

  3. asylum? really? i guess that explains why it doesn’t seem to bother them that they have next to no information on their shows up on their site.

  4. I can’t even fathom why they would put so much time and effort into a site when at the end of the day it’s all property of ning.com.

  5. Lots of great shows. Too bad the owners are super sketchy. My girlfriend worked there for a short while. She came home in tears almost every night.

  6. They are way overpriced and they need to get their information straight. I bought overpriced tickets to a show there and when I called to get more information, like who was going on first and what time it started, the girl on the other end wasn’t sure about the line-up and gave me the wrong start time. So, I paid too much and missed the act that I actually wanted to see. Everyone I talk to says Empire pretty much sucks! I agree.

  7. The Empire’s owner has physically attacked patrons, performers, and employees on several occasions. He is an insane violent drunk. I have spoken with many ex-employees, patrons, and performers and they all share this opinion. He has sexually harassed female employees and patrons.He is emotionally abusive to his staff. The last time I went there he was kicking a guy in the ribs. I would never go there again, even if you paid me. It is an unsafe environment for everyone involved. BEWARE!

  8. Really? It can’t be that bad. I have always had a good time there. Yeah the drinks are over priced and the menu sucks but they are a new bar. I often see employees just hanging out together. It seems like they’re having a good time. I guess you never know.

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