Late Nights, Hungry Bellies, Still Hungry Bellies

Anyone interested in a late night snack, and you ain’t talking about the ageless rotating hot dog at 7-11? Anyone? No, me neither. Thank goodness, because the options are stark. However, I did find myself at Becky’s late night window recently. The memory is hazy, but I distinctly recall standing in the back, perusing a list of familiar foods, telling the gentleman within “double bacon cheeseburger”, and devouring it like I’m at a company-funded lobster bake. Thank you, Becky’s Diner. Other than that, what do we have? Denny’s I’m ruling out not only because I’d have to drive there, also not only because it’s a chain (buy local of course), but also because box-eggs with paste tasting potatoes and disastrous service is not what I’m thinking of at 2 am.

I was reading the framed Phoenix article about Hot Suppa at the restaurant and was surprised to hear that the original business plan was to first take over its predecessor and then to expand to include a dinner menu and then even… and then even… yes – to be open late or all night. The article was dated from December 2005, and needless to say, the goal has yet to be achieved. We can still hope – that would be a perfect late night spot. Of course, let me caveat by fully recognizing that with a population hovering at 65,000, we can’t possibly have a sustainable demand for a 24 hour diner. I can only imagine this fact of logic has contributed to the shoving aside of this intriguing idea.

Probably our best bet is to plan ahead and have the eggs and bacon waiting for us at home. You know, someone should open a late night breakfast sandwich place out of their kitchen, laws be damned. You’d make a killing. No, a better idea: breakfast sandwich cart. In the Old Port. I’m happy to share the idea, so that someone else does it – I will benefit appetitely, if not financially.

One last thought, the reopening of the Miss Portland among the eyesore construction on Marginal Way is a much welcomed bit of news. Let’s join in prayer that it will be all-night. Why do I know it will close at 10?

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