Music Ob-seen Revisited

The good news is our readership went up!  The bad news is we have to agree with many of you that the Honey Clouds review was, as one commenter put it, “brutal.”  Ok, point taken (pun intended).

But to you folks out there who slung nasty insults in our direction, take a step back.  Your violent reaction to the review is precisely why we started this blog and why we have to keep it anonymous.  It’s not a matter of wanting to be able to hide behind some elitist, smug wall (that’s just a sweet-smelling benefit!).  It’s because if you say what you really think around here, you get chastised as a hater.  One comment mentioned “supporting local music.”  We support local music.  That’s the whole point.  Of course we do.  The analogy of supporting the troops but not the war is just too obvious to need to articulate.

This speaks to the fundamental reason for having written that post in the first place: criticism is essential for improvement.  And let us admit again, the Honey Clouds review definitely had some constructive, but probably too much non-constructive criticism.  So sure, it’s easy to react passionately and then dismiss the underlying point, which remains solid and true.  We don’t really blame you.

It’ll be our job in the future to ensure that our point comes across, because it’s an extremely important one.

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The Portland Point: Where’s the Point?

We at the Portland Point love the Portland Point.  So when posts stopped appearing, we were saddened.  Then all of a sudden, on May 1st, out of nowhere, a new post with no apology for the long silence?  We’re sorry, but that’s just insulting.  They expect us, the loyal Portland Point readership, to just drop what we’re doing and re-flame our fandom?  We think not.  More accurately, we think naught.  We’re the mindless internet users.  So, because of our ADD, we’ve already forgotten what we were talking about and are psyched to re-bookmark the Portland Point!

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