Binga’s Wingas: Gross thingas

And the next day, the hurt lingas…

We at the Portland Point love wings, but that doesn’t mean we have to love all wings. Or even Binga’s Wingas. The immediately egregious mistake made by BW is that you either have to order the wings grilled or covered in a oily breading that fills you up faster than you can say “Kobayashi has to eat all the buns too?”

Look, wings are not a difficult cuisine, and it’s fairly simple to make serviceable wings.  In fact,  I can flip off a list of places where the wings are better than Binga’s Wingas, a place which (to beat the point home) has the word Wingas (meaning Wings) in its name.

1.  Sebago Brewing Company

2.  The Stadium (note: I’m providing link even though the site seems to have expired. C’mon people)

3.  Rosie’s Bar and Grill (do they have a website? what did I say about this!)

4.  The White Heart even makes delicious wings

5.  The Great Lost Bear

Right. Not saying these are all top caliber World class wings, but no question more delectable than BW’s mock-able wings.

In closing, the all you can eat (does that feature still even exist?) is only for one style of wing, the sauces are plentiful but you can’t mix and match quantities and sauces… it’s far too limiting to be a wing joint.  Let us order what we want, and deal with it.  You’re a wing establishment.  And there has to be an option for those of us who like fried wings but not your terrible batter.

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Why bother with a website when you have foot traffic?

And another thing – websites are impossible to set up. Cumbersome. Send away a check, wait 6-8 weeks, finally you take your screwdriver out – and always end up losing the screws – open the casing, install your photos you just got back from the developer, let it sit over night, and bam, if you’re lucky, a website. Well, I can’t see any benefit to having one to begin with, I don’t need someone at home looking at my stuff or my store or my restaurant, I need them here, shopping, purchasing, consuming. Fiddlesticks. Down with new, up with old.

Right, so, it’s 2008. If you’re a business, if you’re an artist, if you even so much as ‘like stuff,’ you should have a website. No, I take back “should” (if only there was a way to go back and edit my own sentence!). It’s absolutely imperative. Any place I’m about to visit or check out or think about giving some of my money to, I go right to google and type in the name of the place and “portland maine” (gotta add ‘maine’ otherwise you get all the delectable options from across the country). Anything more frustrating (in the realm of establishment google searching I mean) than finding simply a bunch of references in local papers ABOUT the place? Get a website. Even if it’s just a virtual business card, get your info up there, it’s not expensive. 50-60 bucks a year, with full hosting, probably even cheaper if you’re just getting a web presence up. In 2008, there’s no excuse.

What prompted this? My last post about late night food. I added a link easily for Becky’s – I googled “becky’s diner portland maine” and the first hit was their site. Excellent. Then I googled “hot suppa portland maine” and got a ton of references in MaineToday and other online review sites. No official site. I was trying to find the name of the head chef – it was in the original Phoenix article – I wanted to use it. No, nope. Bummer. It’s a shame that the internet police keep such tight reigns on who can and cannot set up websites. If not for them, just anyone could create online content. Then what use would the World Wide Web be?

Too bad Hot Suppa is ineligible for website activity, it’s got some awesome corned beef hash.