Props to the Port City Music Hall

As much as we dislike the boring genero-name of Portland’s newest music venue, the Port City Music Hall, we have to tip our hat and reveal our receding hairline and humbly acknowledge that they needn’t be dragged into the present, as they seem to already be there.  Unsolicited, the Portland Point received an email providing us with the upcoming concerts at the soon-to-open venue.  It was directly to us, with a kind “thx” to end the email!  Who knew venues in Maine even HAD email?

And imagine our glee when we clicked on their site and indeed the upcoming shows were listed right there, on their front page.  And then a link to their blog.  A blog?  Did we miss the train back from New York or something?  What if this really is the beginning of Portland’s entrance into the 2000’s?  The blog even provides some youtube links and info about the bands.  We’re awe struck.

Though there is much work to be done (like, PCMH, don’t use “a-yuh” – it screams your out of towner-ness, and us Mainers love locals and hate outsiders), we felt compelled to write a post praising PCMH.

Additional props to booking local openers for your out of town bands.  This could be a real cool venue.  We’re looking forward to seeing it from the inside.

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